Love Life

Love Life

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It is our TIME, The TIME, Christmas TIME

It is time for happiness and celebration,
colorful lights and evergreens
to make an introduction
into the neighborhood's scene.
It is time for shiny ornaments,
shimmery bows and garland rows
along with the precious tree,
to be set up.

Yes, this time is hard work,
painting, preparing, hanging up
cleaning, organizing and then finishing off.
Although tedious and arduous
enthralling and mesmerizing I find it all.
Then D-Day we all enjoy
Pitorro and Coquito
Arroz con gandules and Lechon,
all the children unwrapping presents
with a never-ending joy.
But let's not forget the reason of it all,
the birth of baby Jesus on a Jerusalem's barn's floor.

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